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Green Salon Collective

by Emma (Creative Director)

The Green Salon Collective at One Salon Hairdressing!

We take your hairdressing waste and transform it into salon tools, compost and more!

Hair - Your hair can be used to clean up oil spills.

Foils and tint - Your foil and colour tubes and all metal ( including contaminated metal) is all recycled with Green Salon Collective. Did you know that local councils will not recycle foils and metal tubes from hair salons because it is not cleaned. Because of this only 1% of metals are currently recycled from salons. Green Salon Collective recycle ALL of our metals , no matter how dirty!

Zero chemicals to landfill - We make sure 100% of our chemicals ( colour and bleach etc) is used for making electricity for the national grid.

Plastics - Our goal is simple - Keep plastics away form landfill!   All plastics get recycled into combs, colour bowls and other salon products.

Paper - We recycle all our paper and card. Paper waste is just as bad for the environment as other materials . Paper comes from trees . Every time we use paper and card and don't recycle, it is effecting the amount of trees chopped down.

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Don't forget , we have our eco friendly REFILL BAR , which has been available for over a year now. Get your hair product refills and save money on luxury and save the environment at the same time!

We don't waste water either!

For several years now we have been using our special ECO heads on our basins . This helps to save water waste. Check them out next time you are in the salon. 


Introducing Dave the Fish! Did you know that One Salon sends your hair to be used to clean up oil spills in the ocean ? 

So get a haircut. Save Dave!


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