Treat your hair to Deal of the Week!

by Emma (Creative Director)

Has your hair become dry and brittle after the long summer? Perhaps your hair is feeling damaged from colour and sun damage. Well now is the time to treat your hair to a super luxury treatment that lasts up to 6 weeks. Let One Salon transform your damaged hair with a kerastraight Intense boost treatment. It only takes about 30 minutes to apply and activate. There are two types of treatment; An Intense Boost Moisture treatment adding lashings of moisture, including Carob Bean extract, to dry and brittle hair - Or an Intense Boost Protein treatment, with hydrolysed wheat proteins, adding the lost protein and smoothness to damaged or fine weak hair. When Finished with a blowdry the results are amazing and long lasting . Normally a treatment and blowdry would come to around £55 for long hair but for the first week in October we are offering an intense boost treatment plus blow dry for just £45. Come and see the amazing results for yourself. It's like a facial for your hair! 

Or simply add an intense boost treatment to your usual cut and finish for just £26.

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